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About our 2023 Honored Clan,

Clan Davidson

Sapienter si sincere (From the Latin:  Traditional translation: Wisely If Sincerely; Modern translation: With Sincerity Comes Wisdom)​

The following was primarily extracted from the book Clan Davidson compiled by Alan McNie. Much of it has been confirmed by further research by the Clan Davidson Association (UK) in the 1990s. In addition to the Clan Davidson Association in UK (reestablished in the 1980s), there are Clan Davidson Societies In North America (established in the 1970s); Australia (established in the 1980s); and in New Zealand (established in the 2000s). 

There are two schools of thought pertaining to Clan Davidson’s origin; the first is attributed to Giecattan Mhor, Chief of Clan Chattan during the reign of David I (1085-1153) whose son Dhai Dhu is believed to be the ancestor of the Clan. The second is David Dubh, a descendant of the Comyns is the Clan founder. Regardless, the Clan Davidson does not show up in history until 1379 or 1386.

Between the late 13th century and late 17th century Clan Davidson took part in many battles be the Camerons and Chattans. Along with the MacIntashes and MacPhersons the Davidsons fought alongside the Chattans, later forming the Clan Chattan Confederation. During the 1370 battle known as Iverahavon, the Davidsons lost their Chief and 6 of his 7 sons. Due to these battles the Davidson ranks were greatly decreased. This left the Clan so small that it practically dropped from history until the 20th century. This is until the Clan Davidson Society UK was established in the early 1900’s. ​

Nancy Knapp

Tullock castle

The current Chief is Grant Guthrie Davidson, 3rd of Davidston2, Chief of the Name and Arms of Clan Davidson. Grant became Chief following the death of his father.

Grant was born in Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand in 1959. Grant was a keen athlete in his early years, excelling in rugby, tennis and, to a somewhat lesser extent, golfing. But his true love, blue water sailing, would dominate his life for the next 34 years, first as a crewman on ocean-going blue water yachts, then in various support roles such as a construction manager of shore support facilities and the logistics manager for several different America’s Cup racing teams.

During his 30+ year career in the international blue-water racing business (and it IS a business, a very high-dollar business), Grant lived dozens of places in a large number of countries around the world… “living the dream” as he puts it so well.

He met Brenda Delwyn Opperman, his future bride, in 1979 and, as things turned out, they embarked on a 10 year courtship, sailing the wet surfaces of the earth as members of various blue-water yachting crews. They were married in 1990 and settled in San Diego, USA, where their daughter, Alexandra Louise, was born. After that, it was back to sea again, moving every several years to a new port in a new country, following the international yacht racing circuit. Their 2nd daughter, Olivia Sarah, was born in Brisbane Australia, in 1994.

Still “living the dream”, Grant and Brenda settled in Valencia, Spain, where they managed to stay for 6 years. After more world travelling, Grant, Brenda and their two daughters finally returned home to New Zealand in 2013, this time to stay. They now reside in Takapuna, very close to where his parents, Jock and Mary, lived during Grant’s younger years. He is employed as a construction site manager.

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Nancy Knapp has been the Region 17 Clan Tent Convenor for Clan Davidson alongside her husband Ralph since 2016. Nancy was born in Flint, Michigan where she lived until joining the Navy in July of 1983. While in the Navy she achieved the rank of Storekeeper 2nd Class (E-5) serving at duty stations in Exmouth, Western Australia, Pearl Harbor, and San Diego receiving an Honorable Discharge in November of 1993. She moved to Cut Bank, Montana in 1995with her family which includes Beth (32) and Laura (29), moving to Great Falls in 2009. As for working since leaving the Navy she has done retail, floral design, EMT, and Certified Medical Assistant and now works for Benefis Health Systems in Great Falls as a Pre-Admission Representative. She enjoys time with family which includes her daughter’s family and her 2 Scotties; Maggie and Laddie, and of course Ralph, also enjoys camping, various forms of needlework, weaving, cooking, and brewing and distilling (stop by the clan tent she normally has samples of her wares), and she is trying to learn how to use a spinning wheel.